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When you choose First Windows, your windows and products are designed and built by our leading manufacturers.

We aim to use only the best of quality products. We provide windows of the highest quality that offer security, durability and insulation without the constant need for maintenance.

From single door replacements to a full set of windows, First Windows provides excellent installation services at a price you can afford! Our windows are manufactured in-house with quality materials to combine a pleasing aesthetic and efficiency performance.

We aim to use the finest products within the marketplace. Our windows and doors help reduce energy bills and minimize carbon footprint.

Looking for quality?

Our uPVC windows are strong, long-lasting, and reliable. We offer the best of quality with the lowest maintenance. Our 10-year insurance guarantee also provides our customers with a peace of mind.


First Windows believes that our variety of styles, colors, and finishes will give you the ideal product you’ve been searching for. No matter what type of home you have, First Windows is here to ensure that you find the perfect fit with total satisfaction.