Apartments: The Difference Between Studio & One Bedroom and Which Furniture to Buy!

Due to the fast increase of population in urban areas, traditional houses are slowly being taken over by the existence of apartments for they appear to be a more feasible option whether you rent or lease it.

What makes it a more feasible and better option is that it offers you more convenience. Apartments, nowadays, are usually situated in the perimeters of the city, giving you access and the advantage of being close to a lot of establishments.

Difference between a One Bedroom Apartment vs. Studio Apartment

            One Bedroom Apartment

People usually confuse the concept behind a one bedroom apartment. A one bedroom apartment is comprised of a medium-sized bedroom, an open kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. Having additional feature then depends on your preference and budget, and the contractor. You can further decorate your apartment in many different styles, as seen in the picture above – either using Traditional furniture, or mid-century type furniture as seen above.

If your location is more susceptible to cold temperatures, it might be suitable for you to acquire a unit with a fireplace. Usually, this feature seldom default; thus, it is still vital for you to be critical of the unit that you will get.

Some great furniture seen in the above example are Modern Tables and Barcelona themed sofa’s and chairs, which can be purchased at relatively low costs due to be reproductions of the more popular Barcelona chairs on the markets

            Studio Apartment

In contrast to a one bedroom apartments, a studio type fundamentally lacks the amenities that of a one bedroom apartment. Though in some cases, a studio apartment might come costlier, its main feature is the lack of a living room. This type of apartment only consists of a large single room that’s compartmentalized in different sections without having walls as its divisions.

Though this type of apartment offers no divisions, one can still have the basic home amenities such as a kitchen and a bathroom in a studio type apartment. The bathroom, of course, is designed to be separate from the large room for obvious reasons, but the kitchen can be situated in one of the corners of the whole space. Generally, the bedroom takes the center in this type of design, leaving you the option of installing a lounging area in other free spaces.

Therefore, to summarize the things mentioned above, a one bedroom apartment offers a space for a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom that’s divided from a bedroom. These divisions are what makes this type of apartment distinct from the other for it utilizes a wall to separate these sections. On the other hand, a studio apartment has all the features of a one bedroom apartment essentially, only that it doesn’t have walls that divide these features.

In most cases, people with families often choose a one bedroom apartment, and bachelors/bachelorettes usually prefer the design of a studio type apartment.


In the end, what makes an apartment feel cozy, convenient, and the best one for you is when it fits your needs and preferences.