Types of windows in a house

The choice of windows varies from buildings to apartments and also is decided heavily based on the context of a particular building.

Window addition is a major step in the construction of a house as it determines how difficult or easy it is to keep a place habitable.

They are the devices which let natural light and ventilation inside the built environment and also control the amount they will let to pass through to set the temperature at moderate.

The style or façade of a house are also decided majorly based on the window type you wish to put like either traditional or modern.

The window slides over an element called sash. Double hung Windows content to sashes with slide vertically up and down in the same frame.

The wider opening style could be from the top or bottom but the windows still remains inside the frame and doesn’t protrude out to the exterior or interior parts of a room.

This type of window has a single hung variant where the window’s bottom part operates but the top part doesn’t move.

Casement Windows

the mechanism of opening changes in casement Windows. This type of window also contains hinges and can be opened or closed by turning the crank in the way that it is supposed to move. The hinges can either be on the left or the right side and opened outward.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are another typology of windows and they are openable to the outside and air and light entry can be facilitated through the bottom, left or right but remain hinged at the top part. They can be added in combination to fixed or operating windows as well and placed above below or next to them.

Picture Window


this typology of Windows is used mostly for framing a view. these are large fixed Windows and their purpose is to let in maximum amount of light and maximize view to the exterior part and connect to the outdoor.

Transom Window

These type of windows are styled as narrow and are available as the operable or fixed windows as well. These can be easily mounted on top of a door or another window and more light entry is permitted through these.

Sliding Window

These type of windows are not fully openable. They cannot be opened by a factor which is one divided by the number of panels. So if it is three panelled, then one third is not openable at all. People use it in contemporary or even modern architectural styles.

Bay Windows

This type of window is not just a window for light and air entry, it is a good spatial feature as well. These help in maximizing interior spaces and offset to the outer part of the house. Different combinations are possible with these and can be stationary or operable.