How to Make Curtains

Curtains are a must have for any interior decorator’s list for furnishing a house or apartment. The style of curtains used depends upon the vibe which you want your house to resonate.

They can either be very extravagant or be very homely depending on the type of people in habit in the spaces. Many interior designers like to go the extra mile and design even the smallest details like a curtain. A few others like to make those curtains themselves as well. Here are the steps to make your own curtains which would take customisation to the whole new level.

Assessment of needs is the first step

A few questions to be asked before you start designing and creating your curtains. First of    those would be the degree of privacy that you require or need. Second comes the purpose of the windows which means the degree of decoration that you want to provide and also if you want to darken the room or keep the heat inside the room.

Windows should be measured properly


A proper tape measures should be used and all the window openings need to be measured before you start cutting or stitching the fabric. In order to get the correct amount of fabric cut and stitched, the measurement that is taken should be multiplied with 1.5 or 3 to get the width of the window opening. If you use more fabric for the curtains, the number of folds would also increase and that could lead to better shading and a better interior look.

The needs of the fabric should be calculated

The two major types of fabrics which are decorator and non-decorator, need to be chosen based on the run. a non-decorative fabric needs to have more quantity as it runs for about 45 inches’ fabric runs for at least 60 inches’ width wise.

The tools and supply for working should be ready

One should be aware that If they decide to make their own curtains, a lot of tools and supplies are required. These should be ready and within reach once the working starts. smaller tools and equipment should be bought while larger things such as a sewing machine can also be borrowed from somewhere. To recite a quick inventory, these are the few things which are must for creating your own curtains.

Measuring tape



A large work area

Washing machine and dryer


Sewing machine

Preparation of the fabric

Based on the type of fabric that was purchase, pre-treatment required should be judiciously provided. For example, cotton fabrics need to be pre-shrunk.

Cutting, Sewing and Hemming

Once the measurements are ready and properly taken, cutting and sewing should not be very difficult. The fabric must be laid out on a big table and then measured before cutting. A fabric marker pencil should be used to mark the hems and folds before the stitching work begins. The sides and hems are then sewed and ironed before usage.