Feng Shui in Your Home

Many entrepreneurs use Feng Shui principles in their company’s. Asians believe that Feng Shui is necessary to properly exploit their business and thus improve their results. Some famous businessmen use these principles often.

Many people work as entrepreneurs and work from home. This is often a good plan to start an activity when you want to avoid all the stress associated with such an initiative. For some people work makes them feel isolated from the rest of the world. Yet this practice has proven to improve living conditions and stress management.

If you are looking to attract wealth and abundance through your home based business using Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tips

• You should always sit your back in front of a solid wall. Avoid having a window behind you.
• You should not have a wall facing you when you work or when you come to your office.
• Your office equipment must be placed in a specific place for the attraction of wealth and abundance.
In order to channel this positive energy, the Chi flows with harmony; Place the tables and outdoor recliner according to a strategic arrangement so that the energies circulate freely without obstacles.
• Put plants in your office to purify the atmosphere, this will increase the amount of oxygen.
• Avoid thorny plants such as cacti.
• The front door of your office should not be obstructed. Do not let a piece of furniture or a chair prevent your door from opening, the Chi energy will remain blocked without being able to circulate properly.
• To improve Chi in your office, install a crystal chandelier in this room.
• Your desk should be located far enough away from your bedroom.
• This office should promote productivity. The colors chosen must reflect this.
• The copier must not be too close to the main entrance door, so the heat that comes out can prevent the Chi from circulating freely.
• If you leave an empty vase next to the front door, the Chi will find its way to the detriment of the environment.
• If you are receiving customers, install an aquarium inside the wealth circle.
• For Chi to circulate well, install a small fountain in your wealth space. It will also help you to advance in wisdom.
• Make dust from your desks regularly. Rather than paper towels, prefer the feather duster.
• Take care of the type of light you use in your office. Natural lighting must be good housekeeping with artificial lighting. Natural light must be privileged.
• You should also think about having other types of lighting, such as full spectrum lights. These lights have a spectrum similar to that of natural light and are designed to bring the benefits.

All the space dedicated to your office must promote the benevolence of Feng Shui Energy. The water element must be used in the northern part, as well as the metal. You must have pictures with frames of white or black color.

In the south the fire element is to be used as energy. You must avoid the blue mirrors, or the images revealing a water of the same color.

The southeast part must be devoted to images representing prosperity and abundance. The wood element is perfect for this use. Avoid the fire and metal images in this part.

When you put these Feng Shui principles in place, your company increases its chances of thriving and developing quickly. The abundance that Feng Shui generates will greatly help your activity.