Tips on Cleaning the Molds and Fungi at your Home or Apartment

Without proper general cleaning done in your house or apartment regularly, it could cause a severe mold infestation.

These molds often appear during the cold season because of the humidity and moisture that are like oil to the fire of mold infestation.

This is a very alarming issue even if it looks like a simple matter that could be taken care of immediately because this does have a significant consequence for your health.

Touching the mold does not affect you significantly as this is just a fungus. The problem arises when you are always exposed from this abomination.

Lengthy exposure from mold could cause to several health issues that are centered around our lungs or the respiratory system.

The mold is a potential allergen that could potentially increase the probability of having an asthma attack. This is only one of the few problems that you could have if you have a mold infestation in your home which should make you start thinking of scrubbing those fungi.

There is no single form of mold as it could take on many appearances. You can’t tell what mold is and how does it differ from others but one thing’s for sure, it’s really noticeable. They could grow on your ceiling, wall, kitchen sink, wood, and even fabric! They could easily be cleaned with commercial products from your nearest store, but the key to entirely expel them would be to clean them rigorously. Also, proper maintenance of your place is necessary.

There is, however, one type of mold that’s a major pain in the head and that is the black mold.

This type of mold could be distinguished by its distinct dark color and spotted marks. This is a toxic and dangerous type of mold, and these should be not be done by anyone, call an expert for this one as this is hazardous if not done professionally.

The cause of calling such experts is that if this isn’t done correctly, it discharges mycotoxins in the air, a toxic substance released by a fungus.

To prevent a mold breakout inside your house or apartment (or studio), here are some useful and effective tips for cleaning and keeping the mold away from your personal space:

Proper air circulation and ventilation

Tired of spending more money for buying expensive machines such as dehumidifier and air-conditioning but would still like to prevent a mold infestation? A practical approach for this would be to simply open up your windows and let that fresh air flow inside your home. You could use a simple electric or ceiling fan to circulate the air and voila! Proper air circulation and ventilation are now present in your home.

Appropriate bathroom decorum

The bathroom is the metropolis for molds in your home. This is where they gather and commonly appear due to the heavy moisture from all the water concentrated here. To avoid this, open the window or the ventilator of your bathroom to let it breathe out.  If there are no windows or ventilator in your bathroom, then simply wipe the shower walls or open the door widely to let the air flow normally.

Keep the moisture level at standard

The freezing temperature is not the only problem when winter comes. The cold season causes an increase of indoor moisture which in turn will accelerate the growth of mold. Every house has a particular spot that is affected by high level of moisture, so make sure to find that out and keep it dry. Insulation is also a handy trick for reducing the rate of heat transfer which could be used on cold surfaces to prevent condensation and increase in moisture.

Free up space in your house

Stop crowding your house with objects and furniture. Not only is this expensive, but this could block the air circulation in your home. Don’t block the windows with tall furniture or appliances for proper ventilation. Keep the air inside moving and prevent mold growth!

Repair water leakage

A logical conclusion one could get when faced with a water problem would be that there’s a leakage somewhere. Stagnant water is another factor for the growth of mold and start checking if there’s water in your ground or your basement. Check every nook and cranny to make sure there’s no water leakage in your house. If there is one, repair it immediately and waterproof your home.

Regulate the humidity level inside your home

Have you ever experienced seeing condensation in your windows or any glass surface? That’s a sign of having a high humidity level within your premises. This is also another factor for the increase of mold and the most common method for controlling this would be to use a dehumidifier.

Maintain your HVAC units

There’s no harm in spending a few bucks to clean your HVAC units. Get your HVAC units checked and cleaned on a regular basis to properly manage the level of humidity indoors, ventilation, and moisture level. A leakage or blockage of airflow could lead to a decrease of performance from your units.

Having a mold infestation is one of the most dangerous and hazardous states your house could ever have. By just following the tips above, you could avoid experiencing such a nightmare and have a peaceful home. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!