Ways of fixing and repairing your household appliances without spending money

Household appliances make our lives convenient and comfortable. We use these in our daily activities and chores which makes them indispensable. But we often encounter problems when it comes to maintaining them, thus leading to their malfunctioning. We always find another one to repair as soon as we fix one. It’s an endless cycle of repairing and continuously calling a mechanic which costs unnecessary money when we can do it ourselves. Most of these appliance problems could be solved with your own hands, without the need to call for experts.

Start deleting the speed dial number of those mechanics as you’ll be learning ways of how to repair your home appliances and here are five of them.

Damaged Wires

The most common of these problems would be a broken wire. We mostly encounter this if some rodents and our pets make sure all of our cables are chipped off or damaged. This problem may also be caused by accidents with furniture or other appliance that results in chipped wires. This could cause your machine to screw up majestically or could be a danger for you or your child if touched. If any appliance is acting up, make sure to check first the wirings for any damage, and if there are, a simple electrical tape or insulating tape should do the trick. You don’t necessarily have to replace an appliance or hire a mechanic, do it yourself and save some bucks.


Central heating, or more commonly known as a heater, is our best friend when it winter comes. It sucks when your heater breaks down in the middle of a freezing day. For oil boilers, you could check if you are running out of oil as there are moments when your heater doesn’t have a sensor to alert you when it’s running out of fuel. If this is still not fixed, then check the boiler’s internal pressure as some boilers have cut-off switches should the pressure drops significantly. Turn that cut-off switch and try to adjust the water pressure inside then turn on the boiler again. That should do the trick!


The lights in your house often give you the most headache as they seem to be malfunctioning all the time. Sometimes your lights won’t turn on, and the moment you ask a technician to fix the problem, another one emerges. If the light bulb is not the issue maybe you should see the main electrical panel of your house and check for a tripped fuse or circuit, as they seem to be the primary cause for such problems. All you have to do would be to flip the switch or press a button, it depends on your electrical panel, and they will be back to bringing light into your home again.

Refrigerators and coolers

The problem with having a broke fridge is not about how to fix it, but about all the food you stored turning into spoiled trash. A refrigerator is a fragile machine that could affect the entirety of its content. The most common problem we encounter would be the water or ice building up in the bottom of the refrigerator. This is a case of the evaporator freezing up, and in which case, all you have to do is turn the refrigerator off or in simpler terms, defrosting the fridge, or you can try to reset the freezer’s defrost timer if your fridge has one.

Kitchen Stove or a cooker

You exciting chop up your ingredients, all ready to cook but you suddenly found out that the stove won’t turn on which is one of the most annoying things to ever happen to anyone.  Don’t fret too much over this as there could only be scraps blocking the burner. Just pull out any dry toothbrush and scrub off the area around the gas ring and carefully remove any particle and dirt. Some recently released gas cookers are designed in such a way that even a tiny particle clogging the holes in the gas ring could lead to malfunctioning.

These are only a few of the problems we encounter with household appliances that could be fixed with a little touch of practicality and initiative. The lack of knowledge we have when it comes to repairing our appliances lead to spending unnecessary money on hiring technicians and experts. Start being practical and take the initiative in learning how to fix your appliances by yourself. This way, you could save the hassle of continuously calling your mechanic for simple problems like this and paying a generous amount of cash.